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8ball&Mjg Rap Legends

8ball&Mjg are the Rap GodFathers of the South, Coming out of M-town Tennessee, These Rap Pioneers been rappin since the late 80s that met at Ridgeway Middle School in 1984 in Orange MOund. 8ball the Truest Mc and Mjg tha tounge twisting rapper Released their 1st album Coming out Hard in 1993 by Sauve house Records in Houston Texas, it was a success hit that established their name as a prominate act. They were sign to Sauve house for almost 8 years,then sign to Badboy records in 2000, releasing 3 albums with them and releasing solo albums under their own companys 8ball 8wayz entertaiment and Mjg Musik, 8ball classic album Lost went 2x platinum and still releasing records to this day. They have worked with many top acts, including, UGk, too Short, Three six Mafia, Al Kapone and many others. 8ball&Mjg are Truely living legends.
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Ridin High
8ball & MJG
Price: $14.99

1.Relax and Take Notes feat Notorious BIG andProject Pat
2.Ridin High
3.Turn up da Bump
4.Cruisin feat. 36 mafia and slim of 112
5.What you Gonna do feat. Pimp c
6.30 rocks feat Diddy
7.Blowjob int
8.Hickory Dickory Dock
9.Runnin out of Bud feat. Killer mike
10.Clap on feat yung joc
11.Alcohol Pussy and Weed
12.Pimpin int
13.Pimpin don't fail me now feat. Juvenile and jazze pha
15.Take it off feat. Poo bear
17.Get low
18Stand up

On Top of the World
Eightball & MJG
Price: $12.98

2.Pimp in My Own Rhyme
3.What Can I Do
4.For Real
5.Funk Mission
6.Kick da Shit
7.Friend or Foe
8.Hand of the Devil
9.Top of the World
10.What Do You See
11.In the Line of Duty
12.All in My Mind
13.Comin' Up
14.Space Age Pimpin'
15.Break'em Off

Lyrics of a Pimp
Eightball & MJG
Price: $17.98

1.Intro - MJG
2.Listen to the Lyrics - 8Ball & MJG
3.Kick da Shit - 8Ball & MJG,
4.Pimp 'N My Own Rhymes - MJG
5.Nigga's Like Us - 8Ball & MJG,
6.Smokin' Chicken - 8Ball & MJG,
7.Armed Robbery - 8Ball & MJG
8.Playaz Dream - Eight Ball, 8Ball
9.Fat Mac - Eight Ball, 8Ball
10.Got's to Be Real - Eight Ball, 8Ball
11.Bitches - 8Ball & MJG
12.Listen to the Lyrics [Remix 2000] - 8Ball & MJG
13.Pimps in the House - 8Ball & MJG
14.It's a Pimp Thang - 8Ball & MJG

Studio Albums
Comin Out Hard
Released: July 6, 1993
U.S. sales: 567,147[1]
Singles: "Armed Robbery", "Mr. Big"
On the Outside Looking In
Released: May 24, 1994
Singles: "Playaz Night Out", "Lay It Down"
On Top of the World
Released: February 11, 1995
Chart positions: 8 U.S.
RIAA certification: Gold[2]
Singles: "Pimp In My Own Rhyme", "Space Age Pimpin"
Lyrics of a Pimp
Re-released: December 23, 1997
Singles: – "Pimp in my Own Mind"Lysten to the Lyrics"
In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1
Released: May 18, 1999
Chart positions: 10 U.S.
RIAA certification: Gold[2]
Singles: "Don't Flex"
Space Age 4 Eva
Released: November 21, 2000
Chart positions: 39 U.S.
Singles: "Pimp Hard", "Buck Bounce"
Memphis Under World
Released: February 20, 2002
Singles: –
Living Legends
Released: May 11, 2004
Chart positions: 3 U.S.
U.S. sales: 600,000[3]
RIAA certification: Gold
Singles: "You Don't Want Drama", "Straight Cadillac Pimpin", "Forever", "Don't Make"
Ridin High
Released: March 13, 2007
Chart positions: 8 U.S.
U.S. Sales: 142,000[citation needed]
W.W. Sales: 197,600[citation needed]
RIAA certification:
Singles: "Relax and Take Notes", "Cruzin", "Clap On", "Ridin High"Memphis"
We Are The South: Greatest Hits
Released: May 13, 2008
Chart positions: TBA
U.S. Sales: TBA
W.W. Sales: TBA
RIAA certification:

8Ball albums
Released: May 19, 1998
Chart positions: 5 U.S.
RIAA Certification: 2XPlatinum[citation needed]
Singles: "Pure Uncut"
Almost Famous
Released: November 20, 2001
Chart positions: 47 U.S.
Singles: "Stop Playin' Games"
Lay It Down
Released: August 13, 2002
Singles: –
Light Up the Bomb
Released: October 10, 2006
Chart positions: –
U.S. sales: 26,295[4]
RIAA certification: –
Singles: "Time2hitdaclub"
The Vet & The Rookie (with Devius)
Released: October 9, 2007
Chart positions: –
U.S. sales: –
RIAA certification: –
Singles: "Ery' Body Kno Me"
Doin' It Big (with E.D.I. Of The Outlawz)
Released:April 1, 2008
Chart Position: -
U.S. Sales: 6,877[5]
RIAA certification

[edit] MJG albums
No More Glory
Released: November 18, 1997
Chart positions: 20 U.S.
U.S. sales: –
RIAA certification: Gold[citation needed]
Singles: "That Girl"
Pimp Tight
Release Date: April 29, 2008
Chart positions: N/A
U.S. sales: –
RIAA certification: –
Singles: "Small Town Girl"
This Might Be The Day
Release Date: July 15, 2008
Chart positions: N/A
U.S. sales: –
RIAA certification: –
Singles: "Shades"

Memphis Ft Al Kapone
album Riding High.

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