Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dosia Demon-Tortured Souls

Download HERE

01. In The Zone (intro)
02. Tortured Souls feat. Ressurrector
03. Can’t Stop My Plan feat. Menace, SpookMane
04. Killing Fields (remix) feat. Dego Locc
05. Taking You Out feat. 50-Rock, Alhazred, Dego Locc
06. Say My Name feat. Mr. Rage, $woop
07. Morale Terror (remix) feat. The Keepa
08. You Will Die 2010 (Dosia tribute) by Ressurrector
09. Ascended Beings feat. Valtiel, T. LaRue
10. Call it What You Want (remix) feat. Krucial Mane, Dego Locc
11. Jason Mask (Smoked Out remix)
12. Under My Spell (Devil Shit remix) feat. SpookMane
13. Summon This (remix) feat. Ressurrector, Mr. Rage, Bloodshot, Menace, J Blaque
14. Creature of The Night (outro)
15. R.I.P. 2010, feat. Prophet, Loc

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