Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brotha Lynch Hung

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Brotha Lynch Hung is a EBK killa on tha mic, He would chew you up and spit you out, This SacTown mc Has been spitting killa rhymes since 86 with his half brother Sicx.Lynch rapped about cannibalism,Rape, drugs, Violence, and the hood life as a member of the Garden BLocc Crips. Dropped his 1st EP album in 93 called 24 deep,writtin in 89 with sicx, Hood Classic.In 96 he released his 2nd album Season of the sick, which inluded gangsta hitz Rest in piss,Locc 2 tha brain, liquor sic, and season of da sic.The album was certified gold and certifeid a classic gangsta album, Underratted as a Mc/rapper, lynch still reps tha mic with his record company Madesicc musicc, lynch has worked with many artist such as x-raided, mc eiht, e40,snoop dogg, cbo, tech n9ne and alot more. He is a underground legend, King of the westcoast underground scene. Lynch has released 9 solo albums since 89 and 5 collabo albums. Best mc of all tyme.

Coathanga Strangla
Brotha Lynch Hung
From Strange Music

Original Release Date: April 5, 2011

Price: $13.53

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Price: $9.49

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Working Late (Intro)
The Coathanga
Look What I Did (Skit)
Look It's a Dead Body
Sooner or Later
Fucc Off Again (Skit)
Suicide Watch
Spit It Out
Red Dead Bodies
Blinded by Desire
Friday Night
The Visit (Skit)
I'm Not Perfect
I Don't Thnink My Momma Ever Loved Me
Eating Fingers
Therapy Session
It Happens
Takin' Online Orders

Dinner & A Movie
Brotha Lynch Hung


Original Release Date: March 23, 2010

1. The Interrogation [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 1:14
2. Colostomy Bag [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 4:05
3. D.O.A. [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 5:37
4. F**c Off! [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 0:34
5. Sit In That Corner B**ch! [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 3:03
6. I Know Who Did Dis [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 1:05
7. Murder Over Hard [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 7:37
8. G [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 0:28
9. I Tried To Commit Suicide + [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 5:44
10. Split Personality [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 4:16
11. Meat + [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 5:12
12. Siccem! [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 6:14
13. Don't Worry Momma, It's Just Bleeding [Explicit] Tech N9ne 5:34
14. The Police Is Here! Ama Hit U Bacc [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 0:44
15. I Plotted (My Next Murder) [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 3:13
16. Nutbagg [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 5:28
17. Highspeed [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 0:53
18. I Heard That Song B 4 [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 5:44
19. I Hate When Ni**az Get On The Phone When They Around Me [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 1:38
20. Anotha Killin [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Hung 6:10
21. Ama Catch Up [Explicit] Brotha Lynch Humg 1:44
22. We Played You Like A Violin [Explicit]

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