Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lord Infamous da ScareCrow.

Lord Infamous aka Da ScareCrow cofounder of Triple six mafia, and dj pauls bro, is a Memphis rap legend with his dark mystical lyrical versatile raps. Underrated as a mc and rapper, Lord infamous could be consider a underground rap legend. Keyser Söze another alias been rappin since the early 90s with a release of couple underground tapes including lord of terror and come with me 2 hell with a collabo with dj paul. He help make Three six mafia succesfull with platinum statsus under his belt. The man the Myth and The legacy soon left the group to pursue his own record company with fellow rapper II tone called Black rain entertainment. Infamous finally recorded his debut album the man the myth the legacy that sold 500,000 units without radio or advertisement help.This album is bumpin like a mofer fucker with help of his Blackrain label mates and a few other guest such as la Chat and T-rock. SO besure to check out this album , check out B.O.C video i created for this blog.

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B.O.C ft IItone and T-rock.

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