Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr. Sche - Underground Forever [Explicit] StR8 FIRE!!!!

Underground Forever [Explicit]
From Junkadelic Music

Price: $7.99 Mp3 Album

Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

01. I Have Come
02. Undaground Forever
03. We Can Get It
04. A Dirty World
05. Dark Buck & Crunk (feat. Immortal)
06. Welcome to Da Undaground (feat. Tomskee Mask)
07. I’ll Always Be a Real Nigga (feat. Immortal)
08. Still Ridin Clean (feat. Al Kapone)
09. Get Buck, Get Crunk ! (feat. Immortal)
10. Bring It Ova Here (feat. Immortal)
11. In Da Hood (feat. Immortal)
12. Rob Me a Stunner (feat. Immortal)
13. Full Time Hustle (feat. Immortal)
14. Mix It Up (feat. Immortal)
15. Smokin That Weed (feat. Immortal)
16. Feel That Smoke (feat. Immortal)
17. I Just Wanna Hit That (feat. Nasty Nardo)
18. No Strings Attached (feat. Immortal, Al Kapone, Tomskee Mask & Nasty Nardo)

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