Monday, March 7, 2011

WIZ Khalifa Smokin' Strong (No Dj) (DATPIFF)

WIZ Khalifa Smokin' Strong (No Dj) (DATPIFF)
The beats and Production on this tape is NYCE< Get high to this tape!!!!


1.Wiz Khalifa - Intro (Smokin Strong)
2.Wiz Khalifa - 2 Timez (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)-bLaZed1
3.Wiz Khalifa - In My Car (Feat. Juicy J)-bLaZed1
4.Wiz Khalifa - That Good (Feat. Snoop Dogg)-bLaZed1
5.Wiz Khalifa - Skit 1 (Rolling Papers 1st Reason) (Prod. By EP Beats)-bLaZed1
6.Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up
7.Wiz Khalifa - Real Estate-bLaZed1
8.Wiz Khalifa - Exit Row-bLaZed1
9.Wiz Khalifa - Big Screen-bLaZed1
10.Wiz Khalifa - Huey Newton-bLaZed1
11.Wiz Khalifa - Black Yellow (Cookin Soul Remix)-bLaZed1
12.Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild Free-bLaZed1
13.Wiz Khalifa - Skit 2 (2nd Reason) (Prod. By EP Beats)-bLaZed1
14.Wiz Khalifa - Favorite Show-bLaZed1
15.Wiz Khalifa - On My Level (feat. Too $hort)
16.Wiz Khalifa - Homicide-bLaZed1
17.Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Gang-bLaZed1
18.Wiz Khalifa - Gangbang-bLaZed1
19.Wiz Khalifa - Phone Numbers-bLaZed1
20.Wiz Khalifa - Hustlin-bLaZed1
21.Wiz Khalifa - Wtf-bLaZed1
22.Wiz Khalifa - Outro Skit 3 (3rd Reason) (Prod. By EP Beats)-bLaZed1

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